my conffesion

Thousands of times I tried and failed to tackle some memories in my heart . I think  I will become a psycho with no time if I continues like this . Because  my heart is becomes very painful in these days . Some memories follows me like a nightmare.some people,they don’t allow me forget their faces.IMAG1462_1 I tried to achieve my peace of mind through the smoke of lighting cigarettes and the liquid fantacy in the wine glass but fortunately or unfortunately I failed. Idont even  know that how many kilometers that left for me to travel . But in my backpack there is no more food and water and no more  bucks in my valete.May be I will drop my plan to go far and one day will stop my journey to the unknown destination . May be you get the chance to call  my death as homicide or suicide. But I never let you people to interfere in my uncontrollable passion towards death . You people, I treated as my friends and well wishers ,it’s my humble thanks to all of you being so . Yes, you may thinks that it is my own obituary and the confession to the God . Oh God please forgive my sins and take me to your heaven ……..


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